Thursday, September 23, 2010

Serial Killer Drama

I've decided I am addicted to crime dramas, especially the ones about chasing serial killers.  My favorite is Dexter, I can't wait til Sunday's new season premiere.  Last night I watched Criminal Minds, loved it.  Tonight it's CSI and The Mentalist.  I sometimes wander what this says about me and the millions of other viewers.  Are we obsessed with violence or seeing criminals caught?  I don't know, I just know I love it.  We all think we've become forensics experts. We certainly look at things differently as a result of this immersion in crime solving via tv.  I remember when I was on the grand jury a few years ago.  The first thing the DA told us was, 'We don't have all the evidence you see on CSI."  It was so disappointing to see how little forensics and even common sense is involved in the actual gathering of evidence. It often takes years to get DNA evidence or rape kits processed.  DISAPPOINTING!!  Maybe that's why I like tv, they almost always catch the bad guy!

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